At the moment I have no choices, 
only obsessions.
At the moment I have no obsessions,
only choices.

Portland, 1968

You stand as rocks stand
to which the sea reaches
in transparent waves of longing;
they are marred, finally;
everything fixed is marred.
And the sea triumphs,
like all that is false,
all that is fluent and womanly.
From behind, a lens
opens for your body. Why
should you turn? It doesn’t matter
who the witness is,
for whom you are suffering,
for whom you are standing still.

Louise Glück



Is in my blood,
From a generation of strict women
And the thread of faithlessness that leaked in
during conception
was nothing more than a vaccine


Doubter, I had to start young or I’dve never believed.
But I was only reciting homemade liturgy.
Forfeiting divine promises
in a room I would not relinquish for a nation.

If I switched on autopilot, would it be faithful?


I lost a summer to wanting you
But then
My understanding is not your understanding

I had to make a sound so i said your name

Prove to me that the world is small