Never broken nor broken in

Ravage me
as upon the shores of normandy
as the best heist film stars do
to teach a thing or two
acceptance among the two

I never knew the proper way
to exist with you
Allow me to fear you as the sea
Might and mystery
Finally an analogy
that fits

Cauldron bubbling to life
of life
But you swallow it too


in a year or two my muscles
will be stuck this furrowed way
life cut shorter by the days, every 
indignation accounted for
and more
with downturned lips, preserved
just so
muscles those were the first to go

without knowledge or permission
a recoating every season
of every interior wall
like a lousy apartment, this rib cage 
bearing barren heart.
another layer, something or other
preventative measure
i presume, but soon
there will be no more 
space to move, soon
there will be no more 
space to be —

mismatched domesticity 
to surreality
mismatched physicality
to mentality
i fume and fume, soon
just ashes if not 
ashes all along

Twenties; thinkin’ ‘bout
Melting polar ice caps and
Vanishing thigh gaps

Forgot 10 times

Forgot 10 times

the mid distancer wants to run faster and less or slower and more
mid distance is nowhere really
mid distance isn’t thrilling like short distance or sublime like long distance
mid distance is only getting by
the mid distancer isn’t even good at mid distance