Twenties; thinkin’ ‘bout
Melting polar ice caps and
Vanishing thigh gaps

Forgot 10 times

Forgot 10 times

the mid distancer wants to run faster and less or slower and more
mid distance is nowhere really
mid distance isn’t thrilling like short distance or sublime like long distance
mid distance is only getting by
the mid distancer isn’t even good at mid distance

Did not our hearts burn within us?
Is this what it feels like to have
Our hands pried open?

Thunderstorm sweeping through
manmade drought
Where there are not human reservoirs enough?

Or is this—

run from the cessation of self understanding!

…the problem of man is occasioned by our coming upon a conflict or contradiction between existence and expectation. Thus the root of self-understanding is in the awareness of the self as a problem; it operates as critical reflection. Displacement of complacency, questioning the self, its acts and traits, is the primary motivation of self-understanding.

Self-understanding is entirely dependent upon self-judgement, and must not be equated with observation or self-observation. Mere description, simple dogmatic acceptance of the self, amounts to the deproblemizing of the man and is really the cessation of self-understanding. In short, if being human continues to be a problem, we must realize that the method of description, used exclusively, can at best offer us self-observation but is incapable of dealing with the problem.

– Who Is Man? by Abraham J. Heschel